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Small wounds hurt the most

May 3, 2015

This is obviously not true, but we all know how much a paper cut hurts! I don’t have a paper cut, but last night when I was cooking dinner, things didn’t go so well. I was cutting some tomatoes for our Spaghetti Bolognese when I accidentally cut off a piece of my finger. (I’m making it sound more dramatic than it actually is). I washed it and realised that luckily it was only skin so it wasn’t bleeding.

Then I continued cutting tomatoes and managed to cut myself again – in the same place! This time it did start bleeding, so I cursed a bit and Jeremy had to take over. I’m not sure if I was tired or just not paying attention, but it was annoying. We didn’t have any plasters so I just had to wait for it to stop bleeding. Then I got back to cooking.

Have you ever cut an onion with a wound on your hand? Don’t. That shit stings, haha. Luckily I managed to get dinner done without further injury.


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