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Helpful keyboard shortcuts

May 8, 2015

You might already know all these, but I only just found out about them, and they are quite useful, so I thought I would share them. It’s worth noting that these are only for Windows.

  • Instead of using Backspace to delete one character at a time when you’re typing, use CTRL + Backspace to delete entire words at once. This also works with CTRL + DEL to delete one word in front of the cursor.
  • Try ALT + F4 to close any window (identical to clicking the X in the top-right corner) or CTRL + F4 to close the current tab. Alternatively, CTRL + W will also close your tab.
  • When you have several windows open and need to access a file on your desktop, press WIN + D to instantly show the desktop. You can tap it again to get back to where you were.
  • To quickly lock your computer, use WIN + L. This is a good habit to pick up so that you don’t get people accessing your computer while you’re away. No one likes being fraped!

These are the ones I picked out from the article, but there are plenty more that you may or may not know about. If you’d like to have a look at all of them, you can find them here.


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