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We are going to Palmerston North

May 8, 2015

Jeremy and I are about to drive up to Palmerston North for the weekend. It’s been a while since we visited his parents, and it’s both Mother’s Day this weekend and Jeremy’s mum’s birthday this week so we thought it was a good time to drive up there. We’re finishing work early so that we’re able to beat the traffic. Last time we drove up there, we were stuck just outside Wellington for ages! We’d prefer for that not to happen today.

While we’re up there, I’m going to get my hair dyed and cut. It’s funny how the normal prices up there are about the same as a GrabOne deal in Wellington. Might as well do it up there then. I’ve been to the same salon many times now and I’m usually always happy with the outcome. It’s a bit hit and miss with the hairdressers in Wellington I reckon.

Jeremy’s parents have a feijoa tree, so we’re hoping to be able to bring a bunch of them home. I love feijoas. It’s sad that they are only available for a short time every year. But I guess it’s also good in a way, because then you don’t get sick of them. I had never had a feijoa before I got to New Zealand. We do not have them in Sweden as far as I’m aware. Apparently they are pretty difficult to export because they bruise so easily.

I’m hoping the weather won’t be too bad up there, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it is. Oh well, I’m bringing some TV-shows with me in case I don’t have much to do and it rains.


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