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5 countries I want to travel to

May 16, 2015

Yesterday at dinner I met Nikita’s friends Ryan and Jamie. We talked a lot about travelling as they are going to Hawaii in two weeks’ time, and that reminded me of the many places I would still like to travel to. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to quite a few places, but the ones I’d like to travel to the most I still haven’t been able to sadly.

So far I’ve been to:

Sweden (of course)
New Zealand (of course)
The Netherlands
China (Only for a day)

So today I thought I would share with you which counties are at the top of my list to travel to. I’d like to go back to a lot of the places I have already been, but I will only list the countries where I’ve never been.

5 countries I want to travel to:


I’ve wanted to go to The US ever since I was a teenager. I’ve always been really into movies and TV-shows, so when watching them I used to always dream about going there one day. I know that it’s not going to be like in the movies, but still. I want to go to Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, New York, Miami and much more. Would be cool to see the south too. My ideal trip would be one giant roadtrip across the country. But I’m aware that it will likely never happen because it would be way too expensive!


I’ve heard that Canada has a very similar nature to Sweden, but when Googling images for Canada, it certainly does not look like it, haha. Maybe if you remove those mountains in the background. I would love to go to Canada one day. I don’t actually know where I’d like to go, but I’d like to experience both nature and city life I think. If anyone’s got any recommendations, let me know.


I’ve heard mixed reviews of Italy, well the main places people visit, such as Rome and Venice. Some say it’s really beautiful and nice while others say it’s overrated and quite dirty. I would still love to go some day! Have some real Italian pizza and gelato. Go sightseeing, take a gondola ride. To me, it’s always been a place I’d love to travel to.


I’ve met quite a few Irish people while living in New Zealand, but to be honest I haven’t heard them talk about Ireland much at all. The few things I have heard is that Ireland can be pretty grey and rainy. But I’m assuming that that’s the case with that whole area, including Scotland and England. I’d still love to go. Looking at the pictures on Google, it looks very green and dreamy. I don’t know much about Ireland, so I wouldn’t know where to travel, but I’m sure there are many great places!


I mean, look at it! Who wouldn’t want to go there? It looks absolutely amazing! It would be the ultimate relaxing holiday. To be honest, I’ve always pictured myself going there on my honeymoon when I get married. Imagine the photos you could take. It’s just.. wow. Just do a Google search for The Maldives and you will be stunned by how beautiful it is. Talk about paradise.

So those are the five countries I’ve picked out for this post, there are many other places I’d like to go too, but I think these are the highest on my list.

Do you agree with my choices? Or are there countries that I’ve missed out that are worth going to before these? Let me know!

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