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Eurovision Song Contest – Semi final 1

May 21, 2015

If you don’t know what Eurovision Song Contest is, it is a competition that 40 something countries participate in each year. Each country sends one song, and Europe then gets to vote for their favourite. The winner gets to host Eurovision Song Contest the next year. When watching the first semi-final yesterday, I had some thoughts around the performances that I thought I would share with you. Each country below has a link to the live performance if you want to check it out yourself.

  1. Moldova (Cannot find live link, so this is the music video instead)
    All over the place, with costumes that didn’t match the song and random jumps.
  2. Armenia
    Reminded me of a really bad Disney song.
  3. Belgium
    Looked like they had gathered people from a mental institution that were just walking around not wanting to be there.
  4. The Netherlands
    Very catchy song with a good singer. No need for an epic performance
  5. Finland
    Shortest song in Eurovision history at 1.40. The chosen act sends a good message though.
  6. Greece
    Boring for Greece, singing off tune and the singing didn’t match the melody.
  7. Estonia
    A clever song, but a bit strange with her literally staring at him for half a minute. And where did he go at the end?
  8. Macedonia
    Awkward white guy with strange body language, joined by Boyz II Men lookalikes.
  9. Serbia
    Ballad that they realised was too boring, so they made it into a party song halfway through.
  10. Hungary
    Beautiful, powerful lyrics. Brought a tear to my eye for sure.
  11. Belarus
    “Time is like thunder, haha”. Say what?
  12. Russia
    A bit bizarre hearing Russia sing about peace, but it was beautiful. Favourite of the night.
  13. Denmark
  14. Albania
    Very shrieky with lots of hand movements
  15. Romania
    Felt like it had an important message, but wasn’t sure as most of it was in Romanian.
  16. Georgia
    Reminded me of an angry Emo teenager.

There you go, those are my thoughts. I didn’t want to make the post too long by analysing the songs fully so those are just my initial thoughts. Can’t wait for the second semi-final.

If you’re watching, let me know who your favourites are!


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