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Rain has turned to snow

May 25, 2015

Here in Wellington, we don’t really get snow. If we do, it’s a very rare occasion. Being from Sweden, I’m very used to snow as we got snow every year (almost every year at least) and some years it felt like winter went on forever with snow for months and months. You’d think that because of this I would handle the cold quite well. That is not the case. I am constantly cold and I hate it. Even in summer I complain about being cold. My hands and feet are always like ice cubes. I guess I have bad blood circulation for some reason.

When I got to New Zealand in 2008, the winters in Wellington consisted of lots of rain and wind. The wind is the worst. I would much rather have a cold winter with snow than a slightly warmer winter with rain and wind. The wind makes everything feel so much colder. In saying that, the wind really isn’t as bad now as it was when I first got here. You can’t really call it ‘The Windy City’ any more. I hope I haven’t jinxed it by saying that!

Anyway, this morning was the first time our windscreen on the car had frozen. Winter certainly is coming, and in many parts of New Zealand, it has already arrived!

Snow1 Snow2 Snow3

Just looking at those photos makes me feel cold. Wellington doesn’t look like the above by the way. No snow here. With the climate changes, you never know though. Perhaps we will get snow this year. It’s scary how different the weather is these days, and all the storms and things.

Fun fact – Before I moved to New Zealand, I thought it was going to be warm all the time. I was expecting summer to be an all year round thing here. I was wrong! To be fair, I didn’t really know much about New Zealand at all when I got here. I guess I just didn’t think I would ever go here, so I didn’t study it much. I’m very glad that I did go here though, it’s definitely been a really great experience.

What’s the weather like where you are?


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  • John

    Snow is a bad word here hehe. Next week Las Vegas will be in the 90’s, and 99F by the weekend. It’s that time of year, yes!

    May 25, 2015 at 6:20 pm Reply
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