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Lindt Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel

May 27, 2015

Yesterday I was craving chocolate while at work, so I braved the cold and walked to the supermarket to pick up something yummy. I tend to go for dark chocolate these days because apparently it is supposed to be better for you. I don’t know how true that is though. It looks like dark chocolate actually sometimes has more saturated fat than milk chocolate.

Anyway, let’s not focus on the bad. This chocolate is delicious! It’s got the rich flavour that dark chocolate always has, mixed with sweetness from caramel bits, and the occasional salt grain. So good. Unfortunately, one serving is one row, which is two pieces, haha. I’m trying to stick to the serving size as much as I can. Sometimes it’s just so hard to resist. If I only have two pieces per day, the bar will last for 5 days, which is not bad.

Lindt has a bunch of other flavours available in the ‘Lindt excellence’ range. I might have to try the others as well. They’ve got:

Intense Orange
A Touch of Sea Salt
Intense Mint
Black Currant
Roasted Almond

I’m not going to lie, I’ve got one of the others in the cupboard. The Intense Orange one. Can’t wait to try that one. I’d love to try all of them. All of them except the mint one. I cannot stand mint chocolate.

What chocolate is your favourite?


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