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  • When going for a walk in Vaxholm I spotted thishellip
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  • Vaxholm Stockholm Sweden  Probably one of my favourite placeshellip
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  • I actually felt a bit sorry for this guy Therehellip
  • I went for a walk in Gamla Stan the otherhellip

Movie: Gone Girl

June 2, 2015

Jeremy and I decided to watch a movie on Sunday night, and after a lot of disagreement we agreed on Gone Girl. It’s quite difficult for us to agree on a movie because we have such different tastes in movies. Because of this we started this ‘Jeremy’s choice, Sophie’s choice’ thing where we would choose a movie every second week where the other person just had to accept it. We’ve somehow stopped doing that, but I think we should probably start again.

I thought Gone Girl was a pretty good movie. It was a bit all over the place at the beginning and it took a while for it to really get started. It really kept you guessing and wasn’t too predictable, which I really like.

Gone Girl

I’m usually not a very big fan of Ben Affleck, but i thought he did well in this movie. It was great to see Neil Patrick Harris too, but I just can’t stop thinking of his character Barney in How I Met Your Mother. He did that character so well that I just feel like that’s him. But in saying that, he was good in this movie too, even if he was a bit of a creep, haha.

I would definitely recommend watching the movie. It’s quite long and can feel a bit dragging at the beginning, but if you hang in there it gets pretty good! I’ll give it a 4/5.


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