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Recipe: Chocolate Mousse Puddings

June 3, 2015

The other day I was looking through my blog post feed here on WordPress and saw this post from Jane’s Patisserie where she shared a recipe for Chocolate Mousse Puddings. They looked so delicious I had to give them a go myself.


I realised quite quickly that these are very rich. I made quite large portions, but my recommendation to you if you’re going to try these is to keep the portions very small. A few spoonfuls were enough for me, but if you’re a big fan of really sweet rich chocolate desserts, you might be able to eat more.

I didn’t have any mini marshmallows that the recipe calls for, so I simply used regular marshmallows and just cut them up into small pieces. I think my marshmallows might have been what made the dessert extra sweet, because they are really sweet ones. Next time I might try different, less sweet marshmallows.

I used dark chocolate from IKEA that we had lying around in the cupboard, rather than chocolate chips. I didn’t cut the pieces very small, but I would recommend that you do if you want the chocolate to melt a bit faster. It felt like it took forever for me. I don’t think it was the best kind of chocolate to use either, but hey, when you’ve got something at home you need to use up, why not.

Look how colourful and nice it looks in the pot, and all that just melts together to one delicious chocolate sauce. I’m not going to lie, I licked the spoon once I was finished combining all the ingredients. I just couldn’t resist.

As I said, I would recommend making much smaller portions than I did. I also actually preferred it without the cream on top, but it obviously looks a lot nicer with the cream. Anyway, here is the recipe if you’d like to try them yourself.


250g Dark Chocolate Chips/Chopped
50g Butter
150g Mini Marshmallows
60ml Hot Water
300ml Full Cream
1 tsp Vanilla essence
100g Icing Sugar


1) In a  saucepan, combine the chocolate, butter, marshmallows, and hot water – melt on very low heat until all the ingredients have melted. Stir occasionally to prevent the mixture from burning.

2) Once the chocolate mix has melted, whip the double cream, vanilla, and icing sugar up until thick peaks form – it will hold itself. Be careful not to over-whip.

3) Fold the two mixes together until smooth and completely combined – pour into individual containers and leave to set in the fridge. Depending on your fridge, how hot the mix is, etc, it could take 30 minutes or a few hours. I left mine for about 2 hours and they were completely set when it was time for dessert.

4) Decorate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings if you wish.


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  • John

    Oh my, yummy!!! ☀️

    June 3, 2015 at 5:32 pm Reply
  • Jane's Patisserie

    I hope you liked them! 🙂 x

    June 3, 2015 at 10:50 pm Reply
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