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YouTubers making music

June 10, 2015

This seems to become more and more popular amongst YouTubers that aren’t necessarily musicians. It’s always a bit surprising when you hear they are releasing songs, but some of them actually do a pretty good job of it! I thought I would share a couple of songs that have been released lately and my opinion of them.

Troye Sivan – Happy Little Pill

I don’t follow his channel on YouTube, but I knew about him before I heard his music. I actually think this song is really good, and it seems like YouTube agrees with over 15 million views and almost 500,000 likes.

Cameron Dallas – She Bad

Not too sure about this song. He’s definitely not a good singer in my opinion and he should stick to his Vines I reckon, but the song is catchy! Would have been much better with a different singer.

Shawn Mendes – Life of the Party

OK, he’s not really a YouTuber, I more know him from Vine, but I thought I’d include him anyway. I’m not too sure about him to be honest. His song played on the radio a lot here in New Zealand, but I’m just not sure about his voice.

Joey Graceffa – Don’t Wait

I actually really like the song! I didn’t expect I would, but I do. He’s definitely a better singer than he is actor, haha. But well done Joey for giving it a go!

It seems pretty common these days that famous people (no matter what they are famous for) become artists, or at least try to. Some succeed, and some fail pretty badly. Have I missed any songs from YouTubers you follow? Let me know!


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