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Creepy “kidnapping” in Sweden

June 11, 2015
Photo from

Photo from

Yesterday I came across this article about a 17-year old Swedish girl called Lisa Holm who has disappeared and had been missing for quite a few days now (four I think). I hate seeing stories like that, it makes me feel really sad. Since yesterday I’ve been following the news story hoping that they will find her alive, even though I know it’s very unlikely.

They’ve found several articles in a meadow that her parents have confirmed are hers, such as her cell phone case and parts of her phone. They also found a glove in a nearby barn that I believe was confirmed as hers as well.

A short summary of her disappearance is that she was leaving her work and texted her parents to let them know she’d take her scooter home and would be home within an hour. When she didn’t arrive, they tried to contact her without luck. They then drove to the cafe where she worked, only to find her scooter with the keys in the ignition. Creepy. It likely means she was abducted shortly after she sent her parents the text.

She disappeared on the 7th of June. Here comes another creepy part that gives me the chills. Police have discovered a video under her name on Youtube, posted on the 24th of May which is 11 seconds long, and it’s just a clock ticking down from 1 minute. Might seem irrelevant, but it really freaks me out.


Police are investigating whether or not it has anything to do with her and her disappearance. If it doesn’t have anything to do with it, you’d hope that the person who posted it would come forward and explain what it is.

I really feel for her family and I hope she will return to them safe and sound.


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