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I was really hangry yesterday

June 14, 2015

Sometimes I have great weekends, other times I have crappy weekends. This weekend in particular was a mix of both. Saturday started out OK, but unfortunately I got really hangry (so hungry you get angry), and I didn’t really get over it all day, as stupid as that might sound. So the day was a bit of a write off. Watched some Netflix, had a nap and that was about it.

Sunday has been much better. We went to the vegetable market this morning, and then we went out for lunch. After lunch we went shopping and I bought 6 pairs of earrings for only $15 – bargain! Jeremy was looking at glasses and a jacket. Buying glasses is such a difficult thing, because you’ll wear them every day for year, so it’s taking some time for him to decide on a pair, which is fair enough. I think he’s decided now though and just wants to try them on one more time. They didn’t have that pair in the store today so they’ve ordered them in.

Once we got home from town I did some laundry and cooking. We had a delicious beef roast for dinner. So yummy. The best thing about it is that there is always heaps of leftovers, so lunch tomorrow is sorted!

I’m about to watch some more White Collar before I go to bed, still really enjoying the show! Realised the other day that the show is not on anymore, so once I’m caught up, that’s it. But that’s cool, then I’ll just start watching something different. It will take me a long time anyway, seeing as there are six seasons. And by the time I’m finished, it’s probably pilot season. Look forward to that! 🙂


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