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Review: Season 5 GoT finale

June 16, 2015
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Do not read on unless you’ve seen the season 5 finale of Game of Thrones, there will be major spoilers in this post. If you’re reading it, buckle in. It’s going to be a long one.

I watched the finale yesterday, and wow, that was an eventful episode! Everyone was involved, and there were lots of cliff-hangers. Lots of death, and lots of ‘What!?’ moments. I really liked the episode. A lot of people are really upset due to Jon Snow getting stabbed over and over again ‘for the night’s watch’. Fair enough, he’s been a favourite of many for a long time. But it didn’t surprise me at all.

In the last episode, when Sam said ‘Don’t worry about Jon, he always comes back’, I knew his fate was sealed. Yes, he did make it back that time, but I knew something was up. At the same time, don’t forget there is magic in this world, and the witch is still alive! She could help him? Maybe? I guess we’ll find out in a year’s time or something like that. Man, that’s a long wait.

My favourite thing about the episode was the fact that Theon/Reek finally grew some balls (I mean, not really, but you know what I mean). I’ve been waiting for so long for him to man up and do something about their situation. I was hoping it would be during the rape scene a few episodes back. I somehow thought that would be trigger enough for him to rage and kill Ramsay. But no, he just stood there. So in this episode when Sansa was really in trouble, he finally snapped and shoved the crazy b-tch to her death. About time. But let’s just talk about their escape? How could they possibly survive that fall? Do I think they’re dead? No.

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Arya‘s storyline has been really bizarre lately. I just don’t really get what it has to do with anything? It’s so separate from everything else going on. Is she blind now? Or was that just a threat from the many-faced man to let her know she cannot be impulsive and kill off anyone she’d like. He deserved it though, he was such a creepy child abuser. Do I think Arya is dead or dying? No.

Let’s talk about Stannis. What a failure of an attack! Surely he should have seen it coming though. I mean, half his army left, and they took the horses with them. Instead of thinking ‘Oh, that sucks. We need to re-think our strategy and get troops from somewhere’, he thought ‘Shit, let’s just give it a go, shall we?’. I find it funny that pretty much everyone was butchered, but he somehow managed to be the only one left standing. And then Brienne of Tarth walks in, still holding a grudge. She sentences him to death and raises her sword, then angrily ‘kills’ him. Do I think Stannis is dead? Nope.

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Cersei had a rough experience in this episode. Let’s not pretend she didn’t deserve it though. How did her feet start bleeding so much during her walk back to the castle? I mean, yes, she was walking barefoot, but as far as I could see, she wasn’t walking on glass? I found that strange. Maybe they just wanted to make the walk look more intense than it actually was. When she got back, I was certain she’d get killed. But instead, she got carried away and promised that everyone will pay for what they did to her. Where the hell is the ‘king’? Is he just hiding in his bedroom under the blankets? Is he dead? Who knows.

Poor Jaime found out that Myrcella already knew that he’s her father, only to then have her die in his arms. I knew that lady (can’t remember her name) was up to something. I don’t like her. Not at all. But her son is still on the boat with Jaime. What was the plan there? Surely Jamie will be pissed of and kill him? Or will he kill Jamie? Seems more likely as he’s got two hands and Jamie’s only got one. Do I think Marcella is dead. Yes, most definitely.

Daenerys got kidnapped by her own dragon. Well, technically she was saved, but the dragon is now tired and won’t bring her back to safety. Instead they’re stuck on a hill with no food or water. What a useless dragon. So she decides to go for a walk, because that seems like a great idea. And she runs in to the Dothraki I believe, who rides their horses in a circle around her for a while, and that’s it. What does that mean? Do they want to help her? Do they want to kill her? Probably not, because they would have taken care of that quickly if that was the case.

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Tyrion gets to group up with the unsullied man and Missandei. He did save her life after all, so maybe they’ll work well together. Tyrion has been the focus of many episodes, but he certainly wasn’t the focus in this one, so I don’t really have much to say about him.

Let’s go back to Jon Snow for a second. We know that the creators of this show do not have a problem with killing off likeable characters. We learned that from the death of Ned Stark. But I still don’t think Jon Snow is dead. Well, he probably is, but I think that the witch arrived there at a very convenient time. She’s resurrected people before, right? And she showed a lot of interest in Jon Snow before she left, so I have a feeling she’ll want to save him. There is definitely something special about Jon, and we never found out who his mother is. What if his mother is some awesome person that we have yet to see.

Jon Snow

I was thinking about how targeted the Stark family has been throughout the show (including the “fake” Starks):

Ned Stark – Dead
Catelyn Stark – Dead
Robb Stark – Dead
Bran Stark – Handicapped
Rickon Stark – Can’t remember what happened to him
Arya Stark – Potentially blind
Theon Greyjoy – Castrated
Jon Snow – Potentially dead
Sansa – Considering all things, she’s done pretty well!

Alright, I’m done. As a summary, I thought the season was a bit average, but the last few episodes were pretty great. And just as a side note – I love Podrick. What did you think of the finale?


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  • erraticfox

    Ok, so there’s a few things I need to point out 😛

    First, Theon and Sansa jumped into the snow that was piled against the castle wall. The wind would likely have made a rather deep one. It would still hurt like crap and potentially break their legs though 😛

    Arya’s story has been strange, but it’s because the Faceless men is a pretty strange group. I still think that Syrio Forel was actually a faceless man and that he escaped and took the face of a certain Jaquen H’ghar. It would explain why Jaquen randomly gave her the coin.

    As much as I don’t want Brienne to have killed Stannis the way they made her out to be in the TV series makes me feel it’s likely. I like her a LOT more in the books. I do think the actress was a great choice though, she fits the description of Brienne very well 🙂

    The woman that poisoned Myrcella didn’t have any sons, she was the mistress of the guy the got a smaller head in the fight against The Mountain. The prince that went with them was the son of the ruler of Dorne, the man in the wheelchair.

    The Dany scene was pretty boring but I did like the way her dragon was all grumpy and wanted to sleep 😀

    Tyrion is often in the focus since he’s the author’s own favorite character 😛

    I really don’t think Jon is dead, not because we don’t know who his mother is, in the books that’s been heavily hinted at many times, they just don’t wanna reveal it as much in the TV series to keep people hooked I guess xD I think he’s alive/will be revived for other reasons but it’s not been revealed in the books either yet so the only people that know is GRRM and the producers.

    Rickon went with Asha, the wildling woman that worked at Winterfell after her capture. They spit up from Bran, Jojjen and Meera when they began heading for the wall.

    Sansa didn’t even get to have a family name 😀

    In the end there was almost too many cliffhanger this finale, but it was inevitable since they reach the end of the books pretty much. Here’s hoping GRRM manages to finish the next book before the next season… After that there’s one more book to finish the story and I think the current one has taken him 5 years or something so the TV series is bound to end before the books does xD
    This season was decent but it really was the Hardholme, Arena ambush and the “death” of Jon that made it better than average 😛

    Take that comment! 😀


    June 18, 2015 at 10:53 am Reply
    • Sophie Sjösten

      Haha! Yes, that was one long comment 😛 You could even have done it in Swedish if you wanted to, lol! I’m not too great with detail when it comes to Game of Thrones, so that’s why I didn’t really know who the woman who poisoned Myrcella was. I hardly ever remember anyone’s names in this show! Didn’t realise you’ve read the books! 🙂

      June 18, 2015 at 12:09 pm Reply

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