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My boyfriend answers questions about me

June 17, 2015
heart2My friend Christine posted this thing on Facebook where she asked her boyfriend 20 question that he had to answer, and they were all about her. It was pretty fun to read the answers, so I thought it would be even more fun to try it myself with my boyfriend.

He was not super keen and started off by saying ‘Oh gosh, really?’. But I didn’t let that stop me and continued on to tell him it would be a lot of fun, and I was not wrong. Some of his answers cracked me up big time. So here we go, 20 questions about me answered by my boyfriend. (In brackets are either an explanation, or my thoughts about his answer).

Q: What is something your girlfriend always says to you?
A: Time to wake up! (when I turn on the lights in the morning)

Q: What makes your girlfriend happy?
A: Wine, hugs and cuddles. (Yeah, that’s pretty spot on!)

Q: What makes your girlfriend sad?
A: Something hair related. (Lol. As funny as it is, it’s also quite true, I always have hair struggles)

Q: How does your girlfriend make you laugh?
A: When she says or does funny things, can’t think of anything specific. (Vague much? Haha)

Q: What was your girlfriend like as a child?
A: Weren’t you geeky as a child? (Yes Jeremy, yes I was)

Q: How old is your girlfriend?
A: 26 (Correct!)

Q: How tall is your girlfriend?
A: Bloody hell, like 173 cm or something? (Pretty close! I’m 174 cm)

Q: What is her favourite thing to do?
A: Watch TV shows. (Yes.)

Q: What does your girlfriend do when you’re not around?
A: Watch TV shows. (Well, yeah..)

Q: If your girlfriend becomes famous, what will it be for?
A: Longest marathon of watching TV shows. (OK, I get it. I watch a lot of TV shows, lol)

Q: What is your girlfriend really good at?
A: Customer Service. (Well, it is my job)

Q: What is your girlfriend not very good at?
A: She’s perfect in every way. (I’m not kidding, he said this. But then he changed his mind and said I’m not good at maths, lol)

Q: What does your girlfriend do for a job?
A: Usually customer service, but right now it’s newsletter coordination. Content coordinator. (Correct!)

Q: What is your girlfriend’s favourite food?
A: Probably Italian or something Swedish. Probably that disgusting breakfast of yours with liver pate and gherkins. (Italian is correct, and although I love my ‘disgusting’ breakfast, it’s not my favourite)

Q: What makes you proud of your girlfriend?
A: When she does something she has never done before. (Doesn’t happen too often!)

Q: If your girlfriend was a character, who would she be?
A: Phoebe from Friends, because she’s weird, in a funny way. (I wouldn’t have guessed that one!)

Q: What do you and your girlfriend do together?
A: Right now we’re watching The Amazing Race. We travel. We’re pretty good travellers. (Lol)

Q: How are you and your girlfriend the same?
A: We’ve both got a pretty weird sense of humour sometimes. (Yeah, we really do)

Q: How are you and your girlfriend different?
A: We’re different in a few ways. I guess we’re culturally different. (I suppose we are)

Q: How do you know your girlfriend loves you?
A: She says ‘I love you’, and when she’s not shitty at me. (Ha! Is that all?)

It was pretty funny. He laughed as well, even though he asked me several times how many questions were left and acted like I was taking up his precious time! Sometimes you’ve just got to suffer through things like this, Jeremy. Thanks to Christine for the idea! It’s always interesting to find out what your boyfriend thinks about you, even if it’s not always accurate, or sometimes too accurate.

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