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The Amazing Race

June 20, 2015
Amazing Race

Jeremy and I are currently watching quite a lot of the Amazing Race. We’ve got pretty much all of the seasons downloaded. We finished season 23 this week, and now we’ve started watching season 22. We couldn’t easily download season 22 which is why we’re watching it after season 23. It doesn’t really matter what order you watch them in. The only thing is that season 24 is an all-stars season, so we have to finish 22 first so that we don’t get spoilers in 24.

The all-stars season will be quite fun, because you’ll get to see teams from previous seasons. We’ve got a few favourites, so hopefully they are in it. And hopefully there won’t be any of the teams that we couldn’t stand.

Jeremy always talks about competing in The Amazing Race and how awesome he’d be at it, and he always makes it very clear that he wouldn’t do the race with me, haha. Thanks, Jeremy. Maybe we should both compete with different partners and see who’d do the best! Nah, he’s probably right. I don’t have enough energy to run the race. Too lazy in other words. But you never know, if there was a million dollars at stake, maybe I could!


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