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Eye check-up at Specsavers

June 21, 2015

Earlier this week I went to Specsavers to get my eyes checked. I try to do this at least once per year. My vision is very important to me, so as soon as I feel like my vision has gone a bit blurry, I go to the optometrist for a check up.

I’ve been lucky enough the last couple of years to have the same prescription for both eyes. This comes in really handy when you buy contact lenses as you don’t have to buy twice the amount of boxes every time you order. However, when I got my eyes checked this week I was told that unfortunately my left eye is now slightly different. My right eye is -3.25 while the left is -3.50. How annoying.

Specsavers have this special where if you purchase contacts from them, you don’t have to pay for the check up. This doesn’t really make sense, but it’s a pretty good deal. The check up is $40, while the box of contacts I purchased was only $23. So I don’t see why anyone would pay the full $40 when they can just order a box of cheap contacts.

I also got to take some trial contacts with the new prescription. I have to say, they are not very comfortable. They dry out way faster than the ones I normally purchase from So I’m not looking forward to using the ones I’ve now purchased. As soon as I’ve used them up, I’ll go back to ordering from Ezyvision.

I think I’ll just up the right eye to -3.50 as well, because it actually feels like I need it. Either the optometrist got it wrong, or I just prefer to see things super clearly, haha. He said that some people don’t bother changing the contacts for one eye if it’s only a difference of 0.25, so I’ll do the opposite and change both!


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