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A gift? Yes please!

July 7, 2015

Yesterday I went to Farmers to pick up the Sally Hansen nail rehab as I continue to struggle with dry nails that chip all the time, not matter what I do. I read online that the nail rehab is meant to be pretty good, so I decided to give it a go.

While I was at Farmers, I saw that they had this deal that if you buy products for at least $25 you get a complimentary gift. Usually, those gifts can be pretty average. However, I had a look at what you got with this one and it’s actually really decent! You get two nail polishes, a top coat and a buffer (I was going to buy a bugger anyway), so I decided to buy a matte top coat to bring me over $25, and voila! I got the gift.

Not bad at all. The Gem Crush polish is gold too, which I love. I’ve actually wanted to buy the matte top coat for a while, so this deal pushed me over the edge, haha. The top coat that game as a gift is apparently fast drying. It says it dries in 60 seconds. If it does, I will love it. I always struggle with drying my nails and sometimes it feels like it takes hours.

A tip if you live in New Zealand and you shop at Farmers – keep an eye out for these deals, because they usually won’t mention them at the checkout. So if you don’t know about them, you get nothing!


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