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Snowy morning in Karori

July 9, 2015

It was certainly a bit chillier than normal in Karori this morning. When I woke up in the morning, all I could hear was hail hitting the roof of our house. It was pretty loud! Getting my exercise done in a super cold lounge was not the nicest..

I looked outside and saw that our car was covered in hail. When I took the photo below, most of it had melted so it doesn’t look like much, haha.

Having a look around the outside of the house, I noticed that some corners had the remains of snow/hail that had fallen earlier. For those of you that are thinking ‘and so?’, it is very rare for Wellington to get snow. When it happens, everyone talks about it, haha.

It was pretty much the first thing people were talking about when I got to work.


I picked up a friend who lives further up the hill from us, and driving up there was pretty scary, because the higher you get, the colder it is. The roads up there were still a bit frozen, and I was pretty nervous driving. Firstly because I haven’t really driven in those conditions before, but secondly because the tires on our car certainly are not meant for that type of weather.

We made it to work safely though, phew!


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  • Continuing with M.E

    I know what you mean about when it snows everyone starts talking about it. Haha myself included.

    July 9, 2015 at 6:07 pm Reply
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