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Trying out different kinds of tea

July 24, 2015

When I was younger, I didn’t drink tea or coffee. I didn’t drink tea because I thought it basically tasted like nothing, and I saw no point to it. People always said to add milk, sugar or both to make it better, but to me it only made it worse.

I tried coffee a few times, but I really could not get used to the taste of it. Growing up in Sweden where pretty much every single person drinks coffee, it was sort of difficult to be the one that didn’t! If you visited someone, you always got the question “would you like tea or coffee?”, and I would always have to say “Neither, thanks”.

These days, I still don’t drink coffee (although some cold coffee drinks are OK). Last time I tried to drink coffee, it made me feel sick. And the after taste was horrific. However, I do quite like tea these days. I still do not add milk or sugar to my tea, I drink it as is. I almost always leave the teabag in too. I like my tea strong.

Up until a few months ago, I only drank the standard teas, such as English Breakfast or Earl Grey. But one day I decided that it was time to start drinking herbal teas to see what they’re like (seeing as they’re supposed to be good for you). Tea is something that I now drink every day, and I’m quite happy that I’ve got so many options these days. My favourites right now are:

Peppermint tea

Photo from

Photo from

Chamomile tea

Photo from

Photo from

Pure Green tea

Photo from

Photo from

I have at least 2-3 cups of tea per day. If I don’t have tea in the morning, I feel incomplete, haha! It’s so good to have tea now during winter as well. Seeing as I’m always cold, tea is just what I need to warm me up.

What types of tea do you prefer?


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