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Got my hair done

July 25, 2015

IMG_0665Jeremy and I are currently in Palmerston North, visiting his parents. While we’re here, we both usually get our hair done. He gets his done because his favourite barber lives here and he’s been going to him for years. I do it here because it’s a lot cheaper than doing it in Wellington.

This time I decided I wanted to do something slightly different from what I usually do, so I decided to go for a bit of a red tone for my hair colour. It’s really hard to capture a photo where you can actually see what it looks like. In the first photo to the left, it looks less red than it actually is, and in the below, it looks more red than it is. So let’s just say it’s a combination of the two, haha!

I also cut it a bit shorter than I usually do. I really like IMG_0657having long hair, but at the same time, because I nevercut much off, it remains damaged, which is less than ideal. So this time I decided it was time to cut some of that broken stuff off. It feels a lot smoother and healthier now.

We’ll see if I stick with this colour in the future, or if I go back to the dark brown without any other tones.

Jeremy and I are about to head out, because it’s quite a nice day here in Palmy. Sunny, but still a bit cold. After all, it’s still winter. We might head up to the windmills to see if we can take some nice photos. 🙂


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