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  • Jeremy and I went to Vaxholm on the weekend Ithellip
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Lunch at Chocolate Dayz Café

August 1, 2015

I have mixed feelings about this morning. I woke up without a hangover (except I had a slight headache that was probably due to the cider last night), but at the same time I had a sore throat and blocked nose. I better not be getting sick again! It’s now in the middle of the afternoon and I still feel average. It sucks.

When I woke up, I had a craving for a Mushroom and Halloumi melt from Chocolate Dayz Café, so I suggested that we go there, and Jeremy agreed. Chocolate Dayz café is actually quite far away from where we live, at a guess about 15 kilometres away, but it’s worth it! I got my melt and ordered an iced chocolate too. So good!

The weather outside today is gross. The weather reports said that it wouldn’t rain until 4pm, so I thought we would possibly be able to sit outside when we got to the café, but that wasn’t the case. It started raining on the way there so we had to sit inside.

Once we were finished there we were trying to figure out what to do next, but we couldn’t come up with much to do on a rainy day, so we decided to drive back home and watch an episode of the World Poker Tour. Jeremy and I are quite addicted to it at the moment, and we’re both playing online poker frequently at the moment, haha. Such gamblers.

We might possibly go see a movie tonight, but it depends how I feel. If I get sicker, it’ll have to be an early night instead.


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