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Trade Me Good Times Casino Night

August 1, 2015

Last night was the night of Trade Me Good Times. I’d been looking forward to it for quite some time, mainly because of the casino theme. But I was also looking forward to a sit-down dinner, because I usually don’t eat much at these events when they’re just walking around with platters.

It was a well organised event, although I was a bit disappointed in things that were probably out of Trade Me’s control. The cider ran out really early and I was strictly drinking cider to try to avoid a hangover this morning (which worked by the way, haha). I guess in a way it was good because I stopped drinking at 9.30, but still.

The buffet dinner was a disappointment to me to be completely honest. The beef was so over cooked that it was super hard to chew and swallow. There was bread, but no butter. And the dessert was a mini-pavlova. Like, mini mini. But hey, I can’t complain because at the end of the day, it was free, haha.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take many photos, at least not good ones, but here are a few that didn’t come out too blurry.

I did end up wearing my high heels and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. There were lots of tall people around, haha. Met some new people too, which was cool. Trade Me is such a large business now that there is no way you’re able to know everyone’s names.

There was a live band there most of the night. They played the usual songs that the crowd goes wild to (not so much me because I’ve got a very different music taste). The dance floor was busy after dinner and the gambling tables were also packed. I’m usually quite a big fan of gambling, but I just don’t think it’s as fun with play money. If there were some prizes to win or something, that would have been a lot more fun. But I suppose that could potentially be illegal if you don’t have the right permits and stuff to allow gambling?

The night ended quite early for me. I left just before 10 pm to go catch my bus home. My feet were so sore after walking around in heels all night. I took them off and put on my boots. I might have looked a bit strange with a sequin party dress and standard boots on, but hey, it was comfortable.

I got home, ate some ice cream and then went to bed. I think my age is catching up with me! I was offered to join the others at an after-party, but the thought of my bed and waking up fresh in the morning won me over! Haha.


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