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Burger Wellington: MishMosh

August 23, 2015

I’ve managed to try yet another burger from the Burger Wellington event. This time we decided to try something different, so we went with a fish burger from MishMosh. For those of you that are not from Wellington, MishMosh is a pub/bar, so I guess we weren’t expecting it to be fine dining or anything like that, but were hoping that it would taste alright.

Here’s the description of the burger:


Ocean Direct snapper and crayfish burger with chunky Elaia Gourmet Olives tartare, caramelised onions and Kingsmeade Grasslands Gouda, with truffle potato skins.


So what did I think about the burger? It wasn’t great to be honest, I’ll explain why. The fish for starters, was super oily. As I ate it, oil was dripping off it, which made me feel a bit yuk because of how unhealthy it must have been. They should have left the fish to drip longer so that most of the oil had come off it. Secondly, I couldn’t taste any cray fish at all, and to be honest, I couldn’t really detect any tartare sauce either!

The cheese and caramelised onions were very overpowering. The bun wasn’t bad. To me it felt like an average fish burger you’d buy from a pub, which I guess then is quite expected seeing as we were at a pub. I was just hoping it would have been a bit better seeing as it was part of Burger Wellington. I didn’t even finish it, because I felt that it was too fatty with all the oil.

My final rating of the burger is:


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  • John

    Sounds like a fail burger. Dripping oil is what cars do… 🙂

    August 23, 2015 at 3:14 pm Reply
  • Herl Rodrin

    Looks so yummy! ☺

    August 28, 2015 at 7:01 am Reply
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