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Father’s Day: 5 reasons I love my dad

September 6, 2015

Today is Father’s Day in New Zealand. I always have a hard time keeping up with when Father’s Day and Mother’s Day is, mainly because they’re not on the same day back home in Sweden where my parents live.

But even though they won’t be celebrating Father’s Day today, I thought I would share a few stories about my amazing dad.


He always wants what’s best for me.
Moving overseas was a really difficult thing for me to do for many reasons. Firstly, I had never travelled that far, or been away for longer than a week or two before, so I was super nervous. My dad supported me all the way and assured me everything would be fine. He even helped pay for some of my plane ticket, even though I knew he didn’t have that much money to spend. He always reminds me that everything will be OK when I’m upset.

He always brought me along to activities and events.
My dad has always been a big fan of sports. When I was growing up, he used to always bring me along to ice hockey games, folk race, speedway and all kinds of things. I always loved spending time with him, and although I can sometimes be a bit of a girly girl, I really enjoyed those things too.

He’s weird in a great way.
I get a lot of my weirdness from my dad, in a great way! He used to make up his own songs and start singing them randomly, which I do these days too! He gave names to the soft animals I made in textile class in school (and he still remembers the names)! He’s a really funny guy, and an amazing dad that always makes me laugh!

He takes me shopping.
As a man, I’m sure it isn’t one of his favourite things to do, but when I needed to go shopping for clothes and shoes, he would always take me and patiently follow me around for hours until I found what I wanted.

He loves music just as much as I do.
Since my dad found out about Spotify, he’s been on it pretty much daily. He listens to all sorts of music, even some of the more modern music that I listen to. And although the amount of music we both listen to and enjoy might be a small number, it’s great to have a dad who appreciates music just as much as I do.

These are of course only a few reasons why I love my dad. There are many more reasons, and I couldn’t have asked for a better dad!

Jag älskar dig pappa! 🙂


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  • Tony Burgess

    Happy father’s day to your pop.

    September 6, 2015 at 3:05 pm Reply
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