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I’ve bought a Beauty Box!

September 14, 2015

This post is a bit late, because I actually bought the box on Friday, but I’m still excited about it. I’m a member of a NZ website called It’s a really cool website. You rate products that you’ve used and you get points for every review you write. You can then use those points later to buy products. 10 points are worth $1, and you earn 15 points per review. Pretty good!

A couple of times per year they sell Beauty Boxes. This time it cost around $50, but the value of the box is around $170. So I felt I had to buy one. The best thing about the box is that you have no idea what’s in it until you receive it. But we’ve been told it contains 9 full size beauty products plus a bunch of samples.


Hopefully the products will be ones that I use, or products that I haven’t used but will fall in love with. I guess this box will determine whether or not I buy the next. I’m quite in to trying new products these days. I used to always stick to the same ones when I found ones I liked. But these days I always think there will be better products out there.

I’m quite excited to keep reviewing items so that I can save up enough points to buy a bunch of products. I’ve currently got about $70 worth I think. You can make points pretty quick if you use a lot of products. I feel like I’m running out of products to review at the moment, but I’ll have a bunch more to review once I receive this beauty box.

Do you ever buy Beauty Boxes? 🙂


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  • GeekKate

    How fun! I am currently subscribed to Ipsy so each month I get 4-5 sample products mailed to me for under $15 with shipping. I don’t always love them, but sometimes I get awesome things like Urban Decay mascara or Nyx eyeshadows. I haven’t really found any products from my glambag that I love enough to get the full size version of, but I’m sure it’ll happen at some point! Besides, it’s fun to get mystery goodies each month 😛

    <3 and harp strings,

    September 14, 2015 at 8:15 am Reply
    • The Swedish Kiwi

      Yeah, who doesn’t love getting goodies in the mail? Haha. Sounds like you’re getting a pretty good deal. 🙂

      September 14, 2015 at 5:49 pm Reply

    […] 17. I’VE BOUGHT A BEAUTY BOX  […]

    October 1, 2015 at 10:02 am Reply
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