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I wish I knew how to build an app

November 24, 2015

I’ve always considered myself quite tech savvy, I learn things quite quickly. But there is one thing I’d love to know how to do, that I’m nowhere close to knowing, and that’s how to build an application. I’ve got a few pretty great ideas (well, according to myself), that I just can’t put into action.

I’ve thought of what options I have. I could either learn how to do it, and spend a few years finalising it, only to risk that someone else comes up with the same idea before I finish. Or I could enlist the help of someone who already knows how to do it.

The problem with the second is that it would have to be someone I know pretty well, who’s willing to offer their time for no money. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. I simply don’t have any money to pay someone to help me out. It’s such an annoying situation to be in. Especially because I have the ideas. If I didn’t have the idea, then I wouldn’t be so sad about it.

I’ve had a look around the internet to see if I can find some helpful information, and although there is some, even the basic stuff confuses me. I had a chat to a developer I know and he let me know that you have to spend a few years studying it to start feeling knowledgeable, and even then you’re still probably considered a junior. That’s sounds like a pretty raw deal to me, haha.

If there is anyone out there who has experience with building applications, or have hired someone to do it for them, please do share your experience with me!


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  • Amanda Bella

    Ahh! I think about this all of the time! haha

    November 25, 2015 at 5:35 am Reply
    • The Swedish Kiwi

      If only it was easier to learn! I thought it would be like web design, but it turns out I was very wrong!

      November 25, 2015 at 7:01 am Reply

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