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Good Times at Boomrock!

December 5, 2015

Yesterday, we had our annual Customer Service ‘Good Times’ Xmas party with work, and it was a really great day. We all jumped on a bus at 2.30pm to head out to Boomrock (a really cool place in Wellington). The bus ride there was lovely, but the roads were very windy. I get pretty bad motion sickness, so I sat in the front with my headphones on, listening to music the whole way. I hope the rest of the team didn’t find me too unsocial!

There were three choices of activities for the first part of the day – clay bird shooting, knife throwing and archery. We all got to pick two out of the three activities. My picks were archery and shooting. I did OK with the archery, but we only got 5 arrows each, which was a bit sad. By the time you got the hang of it, you had run out of arrows.

I bailed out of the shooting. I just really don’t like guns, so I’m not sure why I picked it in the first place. Maybe because I don’t like knifes either? Who knows. But I decided to sit that one out and play some darts instead. Something really strange happened while playing darts. I hit the bull’s eye – twice! I’ve never been good at playing darts, so I really couldn’t believe it. I had to take photos of it to prove it really happened! If you doubt me, I’ve got witnesses too, haha!

Before going, I hadn’t decided on whether or not I would drink any alcohol. Lately I just haven’t felt up for it to be honest, so after not having any alcoholic drinks for close to three weeks, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to break that streak. But I did decide to have some cider. I stayed away from the wine, seeing as wine is always what makes me feel so sick the next day. So while the others finished the activities, I had some cider and a few chats with my colleagues.

Once everyone were done, we took the bus down to the lodge where we were going to have our dinner and the ‘Kev Awards’. The Kev Awards is a tradition we started at Trade Me a few years back where great performers get acknowledged with a bit of a trophy and usually a voucher of some sort.

The views from the lodge were spectacular. The cover photo for this post was one that I took a bit later at night when the sun was setting. Absolutely stunning. It’s a really popular place for weddings, and I can totally understand why.

We sat down for dinner, and I was super impressed with the meal. Here’s the menu:

Lamb cutlets with fennel salt, beetroot, buffalo mozzarella, basil, orange, chilli and greek yoghurt.

Free range Waimarino pork loin with rocket, pear, pecorino & walnut sobroso balsamic.


Locally caught Snapper fillet with pancetta, asparagus, bell pepper & shallot, smoked paprika, roasted Agria potato & garlic aioli.

Dark Ghana chocolate bavarois with raspberries, peach & vanilla persian floss.

I chose the snapper for my main, and I was very happy with my choice. The whole meal was delicious. I don’t usually eat lamb at all, so I was surprised that I enjoyed the starter!

While we had the dessert, they started announcing the winners of the Kev Awards. I’ve won two trophies – one in 2013 and one in 2014. Both were the ‘Expert Kev’, which is given to someone who knows their stuff and who people go to for help with questions. Unfortunately I didn’t win it this year.

In fact, I got no prizes this year, but I was nominated in one category, and that was for the ‘Quality Kev’. That award is given to a person who has got outstanding quality when it comes to email and phone support. I didn’t get the trophy, but I was just happy that I was nominated for something.

During the night I walked around and took photos with and of my colleagues. Everyone was having a great night (or at least I think they were!) It was a strange feeling being the person who was quite sober, because I usually drink a fair bit of wine at these events. But I was hanging out with a friend who has given up drinking so it was cool to have someone else who was in the same boat around. Well, not exactly the same boat, seeing as I had a few drinks, but close enough.

It was a really great night. The bus took us back at 10pm, and I managed to get to bed before midnight, which was great because I had to get up super early this morning to start work at 7.30. I don’t normally work on Saturdays, but I’ve done a shift swap which means that I don’t have to work on Monday. So happy about that, because who likes Mondays?

What did you get up to on Friday night?


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