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An eventful Sunday in Wellington

December 13, 2015

The sun was shining today so we just couldn’t stay inside. In a way I was wanting a relaxing Sunday with not too many activities, but you sort of have to take advantage of the good weather when it’s here.

We started the day by going to the Harbourside Vegetable Market as we do most Sundays. Gotta pick up those veggies for the week! It was busy as usual, but we managed to find a park reasonably quickly. Once we had bought all the stuff, we went to Dragons to have Yum Char. It’s been a while so I was looking forward to some steamed dumplings and other yummy dishes.

Not sure what’s going on with my hair in that photo.. We probably ate a lot more than we should have. I was super bloated afterwards and right now I’m regretting it as I’ve still got a food baby, and it’s dinner time. But it was very tasty!

After lunch we debated going to Te Papa to check out a new exhibition, but we decided it would be a shame to waste the sunshine. So we headed out to Carlucciland to play some mini golf. We didn’t end up playing, because I really didn’t like the attitude of the owner, or whoever it was.

When we arrived, we started taking some photos of the stuff surrounding the course. Then I spotted this sign which said you had to pay $5 to look around. I sort of assumed it was a joke.


We’ve been there many times before, and I can’t remember them being fussy about us walking around for a bit before playing.

But I took a couple of photos and then the man said ‘Can I help you?’ I just responded with ‘Oh, I’m good thanks, I’m just looking around for a bit’. Then he goes ‘I saw you take a photo of the sign, so I know you’re aware it costs $5 to have a look’. I just responded with ‘We were actually thinking of playing mini golf’. So then he said that should be OK.

But let me tell you something, there is nothing that annoys me more than bad service, so I walked straight out. Jeremy laughed and said ‘So you don’t want to play anymore’. And I really didn’t. I don’t see how they can operate a business when they treat their customers like that. But hey, good luck to them. Here’s a photo I managed to snap for free!


So because the Carlucciland guy was rude, we decided to head to Island Bay instead to relax a bit by the water. It was lovely out there, a bit windy but beautiful. There was a guy flying a drone over the water, and all I could think was ‘What happens if the drone crashes in the water? Good luck getting it out!’

I managed to take quite a few nice shots there. Jeremy laid down on a rock to rest for a bit, and I walked around taking in the view.

We then drove around the waterfront to Lyall Bay. Jeremy needed to stop by The Warehouse to pick up some things, and while we were there we noticed that there were a few new shops that had opened up in the area.

We popped into a store called ‘World Market’ which appeared to be selling a bit fancier brands of foods. We recognised quite a few of them from the Food Show. Good to know they can be bought there. Randomly, they also sell a few Swedish items.

At this stage we debated going back home, but decided to pop by Te Papa to check out the DreamWorks exhibition. I didn’t know that it was one they would charge for, but we paid $15 each to get in.

In my opinion it probably wasn’t worth the money, but I guess it depends on how much of a fan you are. I can’t say I enjoy DreamWorks movies that much. I probably prefer Pixar or Disney. Jeremy seemed to enjoy it though, so that’s good. They reckoned it would take about an hour to go through, but I think I would have been out within half an hour if I was there alone.

On the way back home, we drove by today’s Advent Calendar box, and of course it was empty. Oh well, one of these days we might come across one that still has a bar of chocolate in it.

Now we’re back home, and have just had dinner. It will be a relaxing night from here, and then back to work tomorrow!

Did you have a good weekend?




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