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  • I actually felt a bit sorry for this guy Therehellip
  • I went for a walk in Gamla Stan the otherhellip
  • The weather was great over the weekend in Stockholm sohellip
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  • When we were in Vaxholm something scary happened A kidhellip
  • Jeremy and I sat down to watch the boats gohellip
  • Jeremy and I went to Vaxholm on the weekend Ithellip
  • A couple relaxing in Vaxholm Sweden Such a lovely place!hellip

Oh, hi Monday!

December 14, 2015

It’s Monday again. The weekend really flew by. Probably because Jeremy and I managed to fit in so many activities. Some weekends feel longer because we just sit around doing nothing.

I had a really hard time waking up this morning. I set the alarm for 6.30 but don’t think I got out of bed until 7.30. I snoozed the alarm a couple of times, and then I was just going through my Facebook feed, reading the news and trying to keep my eyes open.

It was fairly cold in the morning, but I decided to wear my shorts, hopeful that the sun would shine during my lunch break so I could get some colour on my pale legs. And what do you know – the clouds buggered off and I was able to fully enjoy the sunshine!


I sneakily sat on a bean bag outside Karaka Cafe even though I hadn’t ordered anything to eat or drink. I was hoping they may think it was my leftover stuff on the table. No one came around for quite some time, but when the waitress finally came to clear the table, she gave me a bit of a grumpy look.

So I moved. I felt too bad for taking up their space and not giving them money. I went and had a bit of a lie down on the grass instead. It was lovely.

Now I’m back at work and I’ve got another hour to go before I finish and can head off to the gym.


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