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My 10 favourite songs of 2015

December 17, 2015

This year has been a pretty good year for music in my opinion. It started out a bit slow, and there weren’t a whole lot of songs I listened to religiously at the beginning of the year. But in the last few months, I’ve come across so much good music, and I want to share with you my favourite songs from the year that has been.

These songs are not in order, because I can’t decide which one’s better than the other. So let’s just say I love them equally as much.

Ellie Goulding – Love me like you do

This song actually came out very early in the year, so was one of the few songs from 2015 that I listened to during the first couple of months of the year, and continued throughout the year. It was part of the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack, and that gave the movie some bonus points! In fact, the soundtrack was probably the best thing about the movie I reckon. Big fan of Ellie Goulding, but I must say – this song was a lot better than any other songs she released this year.

Years & Years – King

Strange video, but oh what a good song! Years & Years was a band that I’d never heard about before this song and I randomly came across it on the top list for Norway on Spotify (they usually have a pretty good taste in music so I check the list out every now and again!) I’m a huge fan of them now, his voice is just so unique and the music is right down my alley.

The Weeknd – Can’t feel my face

This song certainly wins the prize for strangest title, but I love it. I first heard the song when he performed it at the Apple keynote event. I’ve played the song over and over and I’m still not sick of it. It’s just got such a funky beat. The Weeknd is another new discovery for me as I hadn’t heard about him until this year.

Vicetone ft. Kat Nestel – Nothing Stopping Me

I’ve been a fan of Vicetone for quite some time now, and this song has been playing on repeat throughout the year. I listen to a lot of EDM (even though this list of top songs mainly contains pop songs) and I’d love to see Vicetone at a festival sometime. Not sure what festivals they usually plays at though. Better find out before I get too old for festivals!

Justin Bieber – What do you mean?

Oh what a year Justin’s had. It must be strange for him to have everyone love his songs now, and not just teenage girls (OK, maybe not everyone, but he’s got a much bigger variety of fans after releasing his new album for sure!) I absolutely love this song, and even though it came out quite late in the year, it was one of my most played songs on Spotify for the whole year.

Troye Sivan – WILD

I actually didn’t like the song the first time I listened to it, I’m not too sure why. But after hearing it on the radio a few times I really started to enjoy it. And now it’s one of my favourites from the year. Funny how things change. I think it’s a really beautiful song, and the video is great too. I think this is the best song Troye Sivan has released. I love his voice, and I was surprised the first time I saw him, because he’s so petite, and didn’t look at all like I would have guessed after hearing his voice.

Justin Bieber – Sorry

Yup, another Justin Bieber song! I had a similar experience with this song as I had with the Troye Sivan song. I didn’t like it the first time I heard it. Now I can’t stop listening to it. I thought it was pretty cool that he got a New Zealand dance group to do the video too. He must really like them, seeing as they’ve done dance videos to most of the songs from his new album.

Avalanche City – Inside out

I think this is a really beautiful song. I listened to it for a very long time before I realised Avalanche City is from New Zealand. I listened to it even longer before I realised Avalance City is one guy and not a band. This is a song I love listening to when I just feel like relaxing. I could probably fall asleep listening to it too.

Deorro ft. Chris Brown – Five more hours

This is such a great party song! I actually loved the original song by Deorro before I heard this one, the one that didn’t have any vocals. So I already knew the song when this one came out. I think Chris Brown’s vocals are great for the song too. I’ve always been quite a big fan of him (although it’s been hard to support him at times due to his reputation).

Years & Years – Shine

Yes, another Years & Years song. It was between this one or another song by The Weeknd, but I think I’ve listened to this one a lot more. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys. Apparently the singer is a known actor in The UK. I’ve never heard of him before, but I’m glad he decided to do music, because his voice is amazing!

There you have it, my favourites from the year. Can’t wait to see what next year will bring. Hopefully we’ll hear more from these artists. I wonder if Justin Bieber can keep bringing out hits, or if his latest album was a one-off.

Did you have a favourite song this year? Or a favourite artist/band?


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  • Amanda Bella

    Love Me Like You Do + the two Bieber songs were a couple of my favorites as well! 🙂

    December 18, 2015 at 12:38 pm Reply
  • Miriam

    Hey Sophie, we share very similar tastes in music. I love ALL of the songs you listed.:-)

    December 18, 2015 at 10:15 pm Reply
    • The Swedish Kiwi

      Oh cool! What song was your favourite this year? 🙂

      December 19, 2015 at 10:04 am Reply
      • Miriam

        Probably Love me like you do. Very emotional. That’s the kind of year I’ve had.

        December 19, 2015 at 1:24 pm Reply

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