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Merry Christmas everyone!

December 26, 2015

I was going to write this post yesterday on Christmas Day. But then I decided that I wanted to enjoy the day to the fullest and ignore my laptop and my phone for most of the day. I partly succeeded. I had to use my phone to take some photos of course!

I woke up fairly early. I didn’t feel like sleeping in, even though I was tired. I guess it’s the excitement of Christmas! So I got up and I started preparing a potato salad that I was responsible for making for lunch. Jeremy’s parents were cooking ham and chicken. We decided to have a Christmas lunch rather than a Christmas dinner.

When I had finished my potato salad, I took a few selfies. I wonder if selfies will continue to be such a huge thing in 2016 as they have been in 2015. I’m going to guess yes. Jeremy was judging me as you can see below.


But guess what, judging doesn’t get you anywhere. In fact, what it does is make me want to get you in on the action. So instead of being embarrassed, I said ‘well, now you have to be in one yourself!’


After taking selfies for a while, we were told lunch was ready, so we sat down together. It was me, Jeremy, his dad, his mum, his brother and his brother’s wife and baby. It’s been a while since we had Christmas together. Last year we celebrated with just his dad, because his mum had travelled to Singapore to be with family there.

I missed out on all the Christmas sweater action as usual, but Jeremy’s mum had bought some cool hats, so we wore those at the table instead!


Next year I’m going to invest in a sweater I think. I’ve been so jealous of those who have been wearing them. There is nothing better than an over-the-top Christmas sweater, right? Although, those hats were pretty great too.

Lunch was delicious, and Jeremy’s brother had even brought a bottle of Champagne. I haven’t drunk wine or champagne in a long time because I’ve decided to stick with the lighter stuff for a while. But seeing as everyone else was having some, I decided to have a glass.

One glass turned into two, but not because of my own choice. There was enough champagne left in the bottle so Jeremy’s mum said ‘You can handle your alcohol so you can have it’ and started pouring it into my glass. Should I take that as a compliment?


It was pretty tasty actually. It was a French champagne. I think that may have been the first time I’ve had French champagne that wasn’t Moët. The first sip didn’t taste too much different from the Moët I’ve drunk before, but the more I had of it, the more it started to taste a bit different – in a good way. Can’t remember what brand it was now.

With the champagne, we also had dessert. Jeremy’s mum had made a trifle. It was very tasty, so I had to have a couple of servings. There was heaps there!


I was so full after that, but it was a nice full. Not the kind where you get a big stomach ache, just the kind where you feel like lying down for a bit! So that’s pretty much what I did. I took my glass of champagne and laid down on the couch for a bit. There was nothing interesting on TV, so we decided to chuck on an episode of the World Series of Poker. Classic us.

So I finished my glass while watching, and felt that very familiar buzz from having a few glasses. The difference this time was that I was happy with that, and didn’t feel like drinking any more. In fact, after we were done watching the show, I had a cup of coffee to wake me up a bit.

It was a very relaxing day. We didn’t get up to too much, which was great. Relaxation is exactly what I want at Christmas. Jeremy and I had a couple of rounds of Ticket to Ride on our phones.


I won for once. I never win when we play the actual board game, so I don’t often enjoy playing it, haha. Jeremy won once too, so we’re tied at the moment. Maybe we’ll have a tie breaker today.

Later in the evening, I thought it would be nice to go for a bit of a walk, mainly because we’d been sitting down so much, so I suggested it to Jeremy. He was quite happy to go for a walk, because he needed to get more steps on his Fitbit. So we walked around Awapuni for a bit. Jeremy had a bit of a slide.


I think we walked for about 45 minutes. It was completely dead outside! Fair enough, people were probably inside celebrating Christmas. It was a very nice evening, but as soon as we got back and had some leftovers for dinner, it started raining a bit, and the rainbow I took a photo of during the walk got a lot brighter.


I did some crocheting too. Failed a couple of times, but I kept going and now I think I might be on the right track. I should be able to show you a photo of the finished product within a week’s time. No promises though, haha!

The last thing I did in the evening was make a cheesecake. That cheesecake will be consumed during lunch today. We’re having a BBQ lunch – yum!

Merry Christmas!


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  • Miriam

    Sounds like a lovely day

    December 26, 2015 at 11:04 pm Reply
  • Eva

    God Jul! (I was late with a Christmas recipe myself hehe 😀 I just wanted to enjoy Christmas day away from the blog!)

    December 28, 2015 at 10:42 am Reply
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