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Kelly Tarlton’s and amazing Auckland views!

January 24, 2016

When I woke up today I felt much better than I did yesterday. A full night’s sleep seemed to have brought me back to my normal self. No headache or nausea. I did sleep for quite some time, 10 hours in total I believe.

Today is just as hot as yesterday, if not hotter. I feel so sticky and gross. Partly due to the sunscreen, but also because of the humidity. We started the day by heading to Shaky Isles for lunch. Jeremy had a delicious looking Eggs Benedict, and I had Pikelets with blueberries. Yum.

Even inside the café it was bloody hot. So hot that my Iced Mocha was warm and I had to ask for ice cubes to be added, because the ice cream inside it melted straight away and didn’t really cool it down.

So when we were done there we decided we wanted to go somewhere a bit cooler to get away from the heat for a while. So we headed off to Kelly Tarlton’s to see some penguins and other sea life. It was so nice in there, I almost didn’t want to leave. But it did smell a bit gross, so getting some fresh air when we got out was nice too!

Once we got out of there we decided to go for a drive down at Mission Bay. The traffic was so bad! It took us ages to get through. We decided to keep on driving rather than stop there, so we drove up a hill and managed to take some photos of amazing views!

We spotted a few naked men walking on the beach. I don’t even think it was a nudist beach, but OK, haha. There was a nice breeze where we were, but still so hot that we decided to head back home for a rest. So now we’re here, and I’m writing this blog post.

Christine and I are having a glass of wine and we’re trying to decide where to go for dinner. It will likely be Asian of some sort!

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