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Slight success at the Casino

January 24, 2016

Jeremy and I are both big fans of Casinos, so of course we decided to go to SkyCity to have a bit of a gamble. 90% of the time, I will come out as a loser and try to convince myself that it’s OK because I still had a good time. The other 10% of the time, I’ll come out with either the same money I went in with, or a tiny bit more.

Yesterday was one of the days where I came out with a little bit more. I spent $30 on slot machines, and then decided they’re a rip-off, so I headed over to the Roulette table instead. I had $20 left to play with. It didn’t start off too well, but I started winning a bit after a while. Jeremy came over and joined and we both played at the same table.

We were there for quite some time, and I turned my $20 into $80. That was enough to make my original $50 back, plus cover the two $9 wines I bought. End winnings – $12. Whoop!

Jeremy on the other hand did quite well, and ended up doubling his money. He was trying really hard to win enough to be able to exchange his chips for a $100 chip, but didn’t quite get there, because he had a $20 note in his pocket. End winnings for him – $70. We were pretty happy with that. Free entertainment for a few hours!


Now I’ve got that all too familiar feeling of wanting to go back to play some more. Addicted much? I can totally understand those who do get addicted to gambling. It’s such a rush when you win. There was one Asian guy at our table that just chucked $300 onto the table like it was nothing, then lost and chucked another $100 on. $400 is a lot of money! That’s like.. a quarter of a ticket to the other side of the world. I would never be able to gamble that much.

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