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Exhausting but great first day in Sydney

January 30, 2016

We arrived in Sydney at 8.30am roughly. At that stage we had been awake since 3am, so more than 5 hours already. I was feeling shattered, also because of the travel sickness pills I had taken, but I had to fight through it because I knew that we couldn’t check in to the hotel to have a rest until 2pm.

The airport was buzzing as always, thousands and thousands of people around. Such a difference from NZ airports. We made it out fairly fast though, even though Jeremy had to declare some food. They only asked him what it was and let him through. It always surprises me when they do that, mainly because I’ve watched Border Security a lot, and know how seriously they take that kind of thing.

We shoved our bags in the car, and Cherub dropped us off at Mercure so that we could leave our bags there. When we talked to the check-in girls, they let us know that our room was actually available already. So we were lucky enough to be able to drop them off in the room. But there was no time for resting. We went back to the car and headed out for Yum Char.

After lunch, Jeremy had to go meet up with Jordan to do some fittings for the wedding on Tuesday. While he did that, I spent some time with his family. Cherub and I went and had our nails done.


Last time I did a gel polish, I sort of told myself I wouldn’t do it again, mainly because I don’t like the UV lights. I know there is a lot of risk involved with those, but I decided to make an exception this one time, because I want my nails to look nice while we’re here and gel polish lasts a lot longer.

I had a look around at some shops, but I was too tired to actually make any decisions about buying things. At that stage I felt that I really needed to head back to the hotel to rest. I didn’t want to bother his family by asking them to drive me all the way back to the city (30 minutes away), so I ended up taking the train.

When I got back to the train station, a storm was making its way over Sydney. The rain was pouring and there was thunder and lightning. I got pretty soaked before I got to the hotel. When I finally got there, I didn’t do much other than get ready for bed. Ended up sleeping for about 12 hours. I really needed it.

Now it’s time for day two!

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