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Jordan and Clara’s wedding

February 5, 2016

We got up very early on Tuesday morning to get ready for Jordan and Clara’s wedding. Jeremy was one of the groomsmen, so he had to be there early. And rather than us arriving separate, I decided to go with him. So the alarm went off at 6am.

We had a super fast breakfast at the hotel before we headed our to Sergeants Mess where the wedding was held. Beautiful venue with ocean views, and it was a stunning day. While Jeremy was getting ready, I sat outside and gazed at the ocean, so relaxing. Jeremy came out looking very suave.

IMG_9797 IMG_9877

The ceremony itself was short and sweet. Clara looked absolutely amazing, and so did the bridesmaids. It was probably good that the ceremony was short, because it was an outdoor wedding and the Australian sun was steaming hot. It was hard to find any shade.

After the ceremony, we headed into the venue to have some drinks (none for me though because of the antibiotics), and some canapés. Everything rolled along really smoothly and we were shortly after seated for lunch. The meals were delicious and the decorations inside were super pretty.

image image

The speeches was one of my favourite parts of the wedding. It turns out both Clara’s dad and Jordan’s dad are really funny and they had lots of amusing anecdotes to tell us. There were plenty of laughter. Jeremy did his speech too, and it was great. It was probably more relevant for those of us who know Jordan from his NZ days, but there were a few giggles from the Australian and American folks too.

Clara and Jordan then played a game where they sat back to back. They passed one of their shoes to the other so that each of them had one of each shoe. They then got asked a bunch of questions such as ‘Who made the first move?’ and ‘Who’s more likely to get injured?’ They then had to raise the shoe as their answer, without looking at what the other person chose. There were some hilarious moments there!

Their first dance was very amusing. I think it’s safe to say Jordan’s not a dancer, but I think he did a pretty good job still! All in all it was a really entertaining wedding and I’m so happy for them both!

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