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Things I do when I’m sick

March 19, 2016

I haven’t been feeling well at all the last couple of days. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on because it doesn’t seem like I’ve got a cold or anything, I’m just feeling weird. I started feeling dizzy two days ago, to the point where I was walking around feeling like I was suffering from motion sickness constantly and I sort of felt like I was on a boat. Everything felt like it was spinning. I’ve had a constant headache for the last two days too, which is super frustrating.

I went to see a doctor yesterday, and he wasn’t super concerned. He said it could potentially be some sort of viral infection that I’ll just need to sit out. I was getting all kinds of worried that something was very wrong seeing as I had a headache and felt dizzy, but he reckons I shouldn’t worry too much about that unless I start feeling numb, or fall over. Jeez.. let’s hope that doesn’t happen. He also said that the dizziness could be BPPV, but that doesn’t really explain the headache.

So I’m trying to rest as much as possible, but I absolutely hate doing nothing. I get super bored. Here are some things I do when I’m sick:

– Move between the bed and the couch a lot
– Eat two-minute noodles because I can’t be bothered cooking anything else
– Check my phone a lot for updates from friends
– Play random games on my phone
– Wander around the house
– Feel sorry for myself
– Eat junk food when I feel like eating – mostly ice cream, chocolate or chips
– Watch movies or TV shows
– Write blog posts (although most of them never get published)
– Get annoyed at people who are not sick and are out enjoying themselves
– Stare at the wall
– Think about baking something, but never do because I’m too tired
– Read other people’s blogs and feel jealous of what they’re getting up to
– Download strange apps to my phone that I never use
– Make a list of things that I could do, but then don’t do them because I don’t feel like it.

I’ve decided that I need some fresh air, but because I’m sick and don’t have enough energy to really go anywhere, I’ve just brought the laptop with me to the outside area at the back of our house.

Laptop outside

That’s as much outside action as I’ll get this weekend probably. Unless I for some reason feel better tomorrow. One can always hope! Ugh.. Ok, I’m going to go continue to feel sorry for myself now.

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  • Thistles and Kiwis

    There is definitely a bug going around – lots of people have been off where I work (and me) with sort of weakness, headaches and general ‘yuk’ feelings. Hope you feel better soon!

    March 19, 2016 at 7:15 am Reply
    • Sophie

      I’m hoping it’s something I’ll get over quickly! I hate lying around doing nothing 🙂

      March 19, 2016 at 11:00 am Reply

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