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Food trucks are such a good idea!

April 1, 2016

I think it was our neighbours Xero that set it all up, but for the last few months we’ve had food trucks right outside the office a few days a week. Most days I bring my own lunch to work, but it’s really cool to have something new to try right outside for days when I don’t have anything with me to eat. So well done Xero for organising that.

Today was one of the days where I was able to try it out. I purchased a container of Gnocchi with Mushroom Ragout. It was delicious, but the flavours were so strong that it got slightly sickening after a while. Nothing wrong with the food though, it was really well made. I probably just shouldn’t have forced myself to eat the whole thing.


I bought the meal from Beat Kitchen. I’ve never heard of them before, but their menu looked pretty delicious. There was another truck next to it called Eat Street. Their menu looked pretty delicious too. If they come back I’ll have to try them out.

Jeremy and I buy food from The Greek Food Truck every now and again. They make amazing Souvlaki. They were outside the office a while back too. Someone told me they got food poisoning from that truck once, but I don’t know. I’ve eaten their food many times and have never had an issue, so it was likely either a coincidence or just a one-off I reckon. Their food seems pretty fresh to me.

I don’t know if we have many food trucks in Sweden. In all fairness, I haven’t lived in Sweden since 2008 so things might have changed, but I don’t remember seeing many around. I reckon it would be cool to see some more.

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