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Nature, views and a weta

April 30, 2016

I woke up slightly hungover this morning, after polishing off a bottle of wine by myself at Kitty’s place last night. We had lots of fun with food, gossip, YouTube clips and dancing. I probably should have stopped after the two glasses of wine I’ve sort of decided is my limit, but I was having so much fun that I just kept going – terrible, isn’t it?

We started the day with grabbing a burger for lunch from ‘The Fat Bird’, a local pub. It was delicious, but I was so full after and I knew I had to go out and do some sort of exercise afterwards.


Jeremy wanted to stop by Nespresso to recycle some coffee capsules and we grabbed a free coffee each while we were at it. That sort of gave me some more energy to go out and face the day. We drove up to Mount Victoria and decided to go find some geocaches up there.

On the way to find the geocaches, I stumbled upon a Weta. If you’re not from New Zealand, you may not know what a Weta is. Well, this is it:


Cute, huh? He was just lying around on the track, so I thought we might as well move him so that he doesn’t get stepped on. It looked like one of his legs were hurt, poor thing.

The first geocache we found was amazingly clever. There was a car parked next to where it was, so we sort of thought that the guy in the car would find it very strange that we were just walking around looking like we lost something, but as it turns out, he knew exactly what we were doing. When we looked a bit confused, he stuck his head out the car window and said “It’s on the other side of the road.” And he was right.


It was so well hidden, and probably one of the more clever ones I’ve seen so far. You just had to slide it out from the fence. The next geocache was much easier to find, it was just hidden behind a tree stump.


From there we headed off to the next one which was a bit further up the hill. The view from up there was pretty amazing, so we sat down at a picnic table to take in the view for a little bit.


The last two we did were by the Mount Victoria lookout. There were heaps of people there, so it was even harder to try to be stealthy about it all. But as i turns out, two other people had found one of the geocaches up there earlier the same day. Maybe they were even around still to watch us find it – who knows!

I was a bit exhausted and dehydrated at that point, so we laid down on a bench for a few minutes and then decided to head back home. But I’m glad I went out for a bit of a walk in the fresh air, it certainly helped get rid of any hangover I had left.

What are you doing this weekend?

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