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Friday Flashback: That time we went to Kiruna

May 7, 2016

March 2008. It actually freaks me out thinking about the fact that this happened close to 10 years ago. Where on earth does time go? And why does it have to go by so fast. This is one of my favourite memories for sure. Jeremy and I hadn’t been together for long at all, maybe a couple of months at most, when I decided to come with him and the other exchange students to Kiruna (northern Sweden). Although I had lived in Sweden my whole life at that point, I still had never travelled that far north.

Not only had I never been that far north, it was also my first time on a plane. I was terrified, but Jeremy held my hand and assured me everything would be OK. Him being there made me feel so much calmer and I’ll never forget how comfortable I felt being with him after only knowing him for a few months (if you don’t count the time we talked online before he came to Sweden).

That trip was so special to me. We went dog sledding and that in itself was such a wonderful experience. Cold, but wonderful, haha. If you’re ever up that far north, you sort of have to do it. It’s quite expensive, but in all honesty, I thought it was worth it!


The evening after we went dog sledding, Jeremy and I grabbed a blanket and went out to see the northern lights. Turns out a blanket isn’t quite enough when it’s -19 degrees celsius outside. Who knew! So we didn’t last long. We saw a bit or northern lights, but more importantly for me, while we were lying next to each other in the snow, wrapped in the blanket, we saw a shooting star. We both looked at each other and went ‘Whoah, did you see that?’ It was pretty magical. Being such a girl and all, I made a wish. That wish came true. Bet you wish you knew what it was now, huh? ūüôā

Because it was so freezing cold, we spent some time in the sauna that night. But just because we felt like we’d never get the opportunity to do it again, we ran out in our underwear and rolled in the snow. If you’ve never done that before and you’re thinking of doing it, just be aware that it’s not very comfortable!

The next day we checked out the ice hotel and ice bar. That was so cool! I can’t believe how much work they put into building the ice hotel every year.

I can’t wait to go back there one day. There is so much of Sweden left for me to explore. After living in New Zealand for 8 years, I’ve seen a whole lot of it. Much more than I’ve seen of Sweden, which feels strange seeing as I lived in Sweden for 20 years. I guess I moved away at the point where I started to want to travel.

Would you like to visit northern Sweden some day?

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