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Impressed vs unimpressed #1

July 20, 2016

I haven’t actually seen one of these posts around, but I thought it would be a pretty cool idea. Yay, I might have actually come up with an idea all on my own! In any case, feel free to steal the idea if you’d like to share your own list of things that have impressed you, or left you seriously unimpressed lately.

Impressed – The winter is warmer than usual in New Zealand

I probably shouldn’t be happy about this, because you know, climate change. But at the same time, I’m very happy with the amount of sunny days we’ve had. We’re halfway through winter and it hasn’t rained much at all, at least not in Wellington. It hasn’t been too cold or windy either. In fact, the other day I had to take my jacket off because I was too warm!


Unimpressed – Pokémon GO server issues

Yes, I’m addicted. I just think that it’s a bit silly to release the app to more countries when they haven’t even sorted out the issues that we’re having in the countries where it’s already been released. It gets so frustrating sometimes that I think it’s putting a lot of people off. In saying that though, I keep coming back to it so maybe that isn’t the case. We’re all too addicted to stop.

Impressed – The trailer for Nerve looks pretty interesting

I’ve been struggling to find movies I want to see lately, and I just watched the trailer for Nerve the other day and really liked it. I’ll probably go see it at the cinema when it comes out. Hopefully someone will come with me!

Unimpressed – Donald Trump could become president of USA

I mean, seriously? What’s wrong with some people? Normally I respect everyone’s opinion, but I’m sorry, I won’t respect yours if you believe Donald Trump is a good choice for a president. He’s honestly one of the worst people I’ve ever laid my eyes on. If he succeeds at becoming president, I think I will have forever lost my faith in America.

Impressed – Pagani’s staff are lovely

I bought a skirt from Pagani last month that I absolutely loved. Unfortunately the quality of it was pretty poor and after only wearing it once, threads were coming off it. I took it into the store and the staff addressed the issue amazingly. The first person I dealt with agreed it was unacceptable, the second told me that she’d had the exact same problem with the same skirt so she believes that it’s just been made poorly. They offered a store credit, but I asked to swap it out for another of the same skirt to try my luck. She then said that if the same thing happened again, I was welcome to return it and purchase something else. Well done Pagani!

Unimpressed – All the police shootings in USA

Well, all shootings in general. What is going on? I know that it’s a huge country and naturally there will be more crime than in smaller countries, but this is just ridiculous. Yes, police have shot black people when it was absolutely unnecessary, and that’s horrific. But how does killing police in protest help anything? And the bloody gun laws in America are a joke. I don’t care what the gun enthusiasts say, guns do kill people and it shouldn’t be everyone’s ‘right’ to own a firearm. The fact that they sometimes argue that more people should have guns to defend themselves with is shocking.

What has impressed you or left you seriously unimpressed lately?

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  • Miriam

    Great post and great idea Sophie. I’m unimpressed with a lot of stuff at the moment too, many things that are on your list and the cold cold weather we’ve been having lately. Bring on summer! 🙂

    July 20, 2016 at 2:33 pm Reply
    • Sophie

      Summer would be very nice at the moment. But I’ll be going to Sweden when it’s summer here in New Zealand. So I’ll unfortunately skip summer pretty much. I’ve got mixed feelings about that, haha.

      July 20, 2016 at 2:43 pm Reply

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