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Windmills, vikings and stunning scenery

July 25, 2016

On Friday night, Jeremy and I drove up to Palmerston North to spend the night before heading off to Napier on Saturday morning. Palmerston North was pretty cold – around 6 degrees, so we were definitely looking forward to chasing the sun. We’d heard it was supposed to be pretty warm and sunny in Napier, which is why we chose to go there for the weekend.

Our first stop on the way to Napier was at the windmills just outside of Palmerston North. I’ve been there a couple of times now, but I love going back because it’s just so beautiful up there. It took a while to get there because we had to stop and wait for some road workers to remove a tree from the Manawatu Gorge.


We were a little worried it would rain and that the view from the hills where the windmills are wouldn’t be go great, but we had luck on our side and it was absolutely beautiful up there as usual.

It was windy, but that meant that more of the windmills were moving and you could hear this wonderful whooshing sound when you were standing underneath them. Unfortunately that also meant that it was quite difficult to take a selfie because the wind was messing up my hair!

Windmills Windmills2 Windmills3 Windmills4

We didn’t stay up there for long, because the wind made it feel pretty cold, and we wanted to get on the road so that we got to Napier at a reasonable time. We did however make a stop at Yummy Mummy’s to buy a cheesecake for later.

Yummy Mummy's

It was a lovely day for a road trip, the sun was shining and it was really warm outside. There wasn’t too much traffic, which is always a plus. We didn’t stop at too many places, but Dannevirke was on the way and I thought it was quite necessary to stop and take a photo of the sign.

Apparently there are still quite a lot of Scandinavians living there. Well, they were probably born in New Zealand, but their parents or grandparents might have been from Scandinavia. They were mostly Danish and Norwegian though, and there weren’t too many Swedes apparently.


By the time we got to Dannevirke, we realised that it was almost lunch time, so we decided to find a place to eat. We went on Tripadvisor and found out that this cafe called The Vault was number one on the list. We drove there, and to be honest, from the outside it didn’t look like much. When we stepped inside, I wasn’t that impressed either.

However, that all changed when we got our coffee and food. The food was very well presented and absolutely delicious. The coffee came in a giant cup and was very tasty too. We were pretty impressed.


After lunch we were back on the road again. During the drive we saw snow-covered mountains and green hills filled with sheep. When we drove over a bridge, I spotted a pretty amazing view, but there was nowhere to stop. I told Jeremy I had to run back to take some photos, so we parked up after the bridge and we walked back and took these photos.

River River2

The photos don’t really do the place justice. The sky was incredibly blue, with beautiful, fluffy white clouds, and you could see the snowy mountains in the background. Amazing. Taking the photos was a bit tricky, because you had to stand on a bridge where there were a lot of traffic, and the walkway was on the wrong side of the bridge. I got honked for standing there, even though I wasn’t in the way of the cars at all.

Once those photos were taken, we jumped back into the car and continued on to Napier. More to come on that later!

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