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The Food Show in Auckland, New Zealand

August 3, 2016

On Saturday morning, Jeremy and I jumped on a flight up to Auckland. The trip had been booked for months, and the purpose was to visit a couple of friends of ours, and to go to The Food Show. We always go to The Food Show in Wellington, but this was only our second time going to the Auckland Food Show.

The Auckland Food Show is a lot bigger than the Wellington one, and it’s better is many ways. There are more brands there showing their products, it’s on for longer, and it’s also easier to move around due to the fact that it’s not as crowded. In Wellington, they hold it in Westpac Stadium and I always get a bit panicky because you have to stand in line to try the samples and sometimes it’s so crowded you can’t even move.

We thoroughly enjoyed The Auckland Food Show. We took part in a Nespresso coffee making show, which was quite funny, because we both already know how to use the machines, but it was still pretty interesting, and we got to make ourselves an Affogato at the end, which was absolutely delicious.

IMG_5037 IMG_5039 IMG_5040 IMG_5043

If you’re not from New Zealand, you probably don’t know who this is (you might not even know him if you’re from NZ), but I ran into Art Green a few times. He was the first Bachelor of New Zealand, and he was there to promote his Paleo products.

I really wanted to get a photo of him, but I didn’t want to ask. Jeremy offered to take a photo of me and him, but I didn’t want to be that person so instead I sneakily tried to take a photo of him without anyone noticing. I failed. Obviously the guy next to him in this photo made the best of the situation. I suppose it happens to them quite often.


We didn’t take too many other photos because we were too busy sampling everything, but I did manage to get a photo of a margarine sculpture. Can you believe that margarine was used to make this? Talk about talented!


We ended up buying a suitcase full of foods. A small suitcase, but still. This included kumara chips, vanilla paste, a meat bag, coffee flavourings, infused olive oils, a case of wine and a few other things.

I really recommend going to The Food Show if you have the chance. It only costs around $20 to get in and you get to sample so many different foods and wines. You can spend hours in there, so it’s well worth the money. My recommendation is to bring some cash too, because unfortunately some stalls haven’t realised it’s 2016 and only accept cash.

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