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Dinner at The Crab Shack, Wellington

August 7, 2016

On Wednesday evening we went to The Crab Shack for dinner. Jeremy’s brother and nephew are staying with us for the week, and they quite enjoyed the restaurant last time they were visiting, so we decided to go back. The restaurant was very busy, which I’m assuming it is every night. We ordered quite a few different things to share, including a pot of crab.

In all honesty, I enjoyed the calamari, soft shell crab and paella more than I actually enjoyed the pot of crab. I think I’m just not a crab person, unless it’s deep fried like the soft shell crab of course. I mean, it’s OK, but nothing I’d rave on about. I love crayfish. Although, in saying that, I only seem to enjoy it the Swedish way. I had crayfish here in New Zealand that was supposed to be absolutely amazing, and I thought it was a bit ‘meh’. So fussy.

Anyway, we went through lots of plates of food, and I tried to get a photo of all of them. Unfortunately I realised I didn’t take a photo of the crab pot until we’d eaten most of it.

IMG_5125 IMG_5126 IMG_5130 IMG_5131

Then something strange happened. Jeremy’s brother wanted to order a fish burger for his wife to takeaway as she couldn’t join us for dinner. When he asked, the waiter said they didn’t have a licence to be able to do takeaways, unless some of it had been eaten. Now, I can sort of understand if they don’t want to do takeaways at all, or if they’re not allowed to. But this guy was suggesting that he order the burger, eat some of it, and then he’d be able to take it away.

That to me sounds ridiculous. So he asked the waiter if they could just cut it in half or something and he’d eat some of the fries the burger came with, and the waiter took the order. Then when the plate came out, it was a whole burger. When we asked for a takeaway bag, he reiterated that he’d have to eat some of it first. So he started eating the fries that it came with, then asked for a takeaway bag again, but were told he’d need to eat some of the burger.

At this stage he was pretty over it, so he told them that they could either pop it in a bag for him to be able to bring home to his wife, or they could take it back and remove it from the bill. Funnily enough, they chose to put it in a bag.

I reckon the staff would have been better off just saying ‘No, we can’t do our food takeaway’ in the first place, rather than making up silly rules that you have to eat some of it and then it’ll be OK. But hey, I guess they can do what they want. Kind of makes me re-think going back though, because I can’t stand bad service.

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  • John

    That’s just nutty protocol! Could be a serious profit killer…

    August 7, 2016 at 10:11 am Reply
    • Sophie

      That’s what I thought. I thought it could have been for food safety reasons, but then it wouldn’t make sense to allow it once you’ve had a few bites!

      August 7, 2016 at 2:46 pm Reply

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