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Yummy mussels at Leuven, Wellington

August 18, 2016

When Jeremy’s brother’s family were over from Australia, we went out for dinner a few times. His brother had heard that there was a place in Wellington that did really good mussels. That place is Leuven. Jeremy and I had been there once before, but not for mussels, I think we had breakfast.

I’m not a massive mussel fan, so I can’t say I was hugely excited about going there, but thought I’d at least give it a go. I probably should eat them more often, because apparently they’re quite good for you. We ordered two pots of steamed mussels and one plate of grilled mussels. Before they were served, I was pretty sure that I would enjoy the grilled mussels most, but it was actually the other way around.


I thought the grilled mussels lacked a bit of flavour, even though they had a lot of stuff on them. There was cheese, spinach and bacon on them. That sounds pretty good to me, but I found myself going back to the pots of mussels instead.

We ordered two different types of pots. The first one had saffron, garlic aioli and tomato. The second was steamed with white wine, celery, garlic and onion. Both came with lemons. When we ordered, we thought that we ordered way more than we’d actually be able to eat, but we actually managed to finish it all off. We all enjoyed it, and Jeremy and I have already discussed maybe going back sometime.

On Sundays and Mondays, you’re able to buy one pot of mussels full price, and if you give $5 to the charity they support, you’ll get another pot. I thought that was a really great deal, and a super smart way to collect money for charity. We were there on a Sunday, so we managed to take advantage of the deal. More restaurants should do this I reckon.


Their menu is pretty great. If you’re a beer drinker, you likely wouldn’t be left disappointed after going there, as they have around 30 different types of beers to choose from. As beer drinkers will probably know, Belgium are leading the world of craft beers, and it seems Leuven definitely aren’t lacking in options. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing out, seeing as I’m not a beer drinker myself.

I kind of felt like trying some of their desserts as well, but unfortunately we ran out of time, as Jeremy’s brother and family were flying back to Australia that afternoon. So we drove off to the airport instead to see them off. I definitely think Jeremy and I’ll be back at Leuven one more time before heading off to Sweden. In the meantime, maybe I should try to cook some mussels myself. Annabel Langbein has a recipe that I might give a go!

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