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Burger Wellington: Carrello Del Gelato

August 23, 2016

This one’s different. I didn’t even realise there was such a thing as a dessert burger, but now that I know, I think they should make more of them, even outside this event. We actually had this ‘burger’ as dessert after we had the burger from Scopa. Since we thought the burger from Scopa wasn’t amazing, we were hoping to try something that was. Here’s the description:

It’ll be sweet! – Carrello del Gelato chocolate patties with Bohemein white chocolate cheese, passionfruit mustard and raspberry ketchup, in a Clareville Bakery doughnut

And here’s what it looked like:


It’s crazy how much it actually looks like a burger. I really didn’t expect that when I ordered it. I thought it would be a lot smaller, and thought it would look more like an ice cream sandwhich.

I could potentially be the pickiest person in the world, but I didn’t think it was amazing unfortunately. Yes, it was quite tasty, and I enjoyed eating it. Would I have it again? Probably not. I think it was the fruity flavours that ruined it for me. I’ve never liked mixing fruit and chocolate. If they had removed the passionfruit and raspberry, and instead added nuts, caramel, or something similar, I probably would have liked it a lot more. I guess it wouldn’t have looked as much as a burger if they did though.

I really liked the decor in there. It’s a really cute place.

IMG_5227 IMG_5224

I think there is a lot of potential in gelato burgers. I guess they are kind of similar to ice cream sandwiches in a way. Just don’t add fruit or berries to them and I’ll be happy! I think I’d give this burger a 7/10. Still better than the previous two burgers I’ve tried so far.

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  • Deb

    We discovered dessert burgers at Cellini’s while staying in Paihia in the Bay of Islands. I agree that they should make more dessert burgers but part of me doesn’t want the temptation. I thought it was one of the best sweet treats I’d ever eaten. Mostly I think it’s awesome that a fellow blogger found them blog worthy. Thanks for sharing.

    August 25, 2016 at 7:29 am Reply
    • Sophie

      I agree, the temptation would likely be a problem! But the idea is pretty great I reckon.

      August 25, 2016 at 7:32 am Reply

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