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Day trip to Castlepoint, New Zealand

August 24, 2016

Those of you that have followed my blog for a while will probably already know this, but Jeremy and I love to travel. It doesn’t have to be big trips. Small road trips here and there are really fun too. Last weekend, we decided that we wanted to take advantage of the sunny weather, so we looked at places we could go for a day and decided on Castlepoint.

I’ve been there once before, but it was many years ago, so I thought it was about time to go back. On the way, we stopped at Daily Bread in Lower Hutt to pick up breakfast and lunch for later, and then we were off. Jeremy asked me if I wanted to re-route through Martinborough on the way to check out some wineries, and who can say no to that? Martinborough is pretty rural. We stopped and took a photo of the cows. As you do.


We visited two wineries. Poppies was the first one, and oh my goodness, their wines are delicious. I did the wine tasting, which costs $5 if you don’t buy any wine, but is complimentary if you buy a bottle. I had no trouble deciding on whether I wanted to buy a bottle. It was too good to pass on, especially because they only sell their wines there at the winery.

For some reason, the design on the bottles and the sign really appeals to me. Maybe that made the wine taste even better!


I ended up picking up a bottle of Riesling, which is very unlike me. For some reason I’ve always thought I hated Riesling. Maybe I’ve just confused Riesling with something else, or maybe their Riesling is just so much better than others.

I almost picked up a bottle of Rosé as well, but at $35 per bottle, it would have turned out to be quite pricey!


The second winery we stopped at was Te Kairanga. I did the same thing there – $5 tasting. This time I didn’t pick up a bottle though because I was not a fan of their wines.

The sales person there was actually saying that a lot of people feel rude or embarrassed admitting that they don’t enjoy the wine, and I was definitely in that boat. But he went on to say that it shouldn’t be something to feel bad about, seeing as everyone has different preferences, and saying that you don’t like a wine doesn’t mean it’s bad. I guess he’s right! But I still feel bad when I pour out wine or tell them I won’t pick up a bottle.


After the wine tastings, we sat down and had a bit of a picnic, eating the things we picked up from Daily Bread earlier. It was so warm outside, it almost felt like early summer.

If you’re ever at Daily Bread, try their Custard Pie. It’s pretty delicious!


From there we continued on to Castlepoint. I had to pick up a coffee on the way – the wine made me really sleepy! Castlepoint was as picturesque as I remember it.

IMG_5327 IMG_5332

We didn’t spend too long there, because it was super windy and quite cold. Such a contrast from just an hour earlier when it felt like summer. I tried to film from up top, but my phone crashed every time I tried, and kept telling me I was out of batteries. Then a minute later I was able to start the phone up again, and it had 45% battery. Very strange. Might have to contact Apple about that one! Battery issues seems to be their thing.

At this point it was starting to get dark, so we started driving back home. It was a lovely road trip – even though it was only a day!

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