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All Blacks vs. Wallabies @ Westpac Stadium

August 29, 2016

On Saturday evening, Jeremy and I went to see the All Blacks play the Wallabies at Westpac Stadium, along with his parents. It’s the second rugby game I’ve been to since I moved to New Zealand, if you don’t count The Sevens. No one goes to The Sevens for the rugby, you go there to dress up and party pretty much.

There were about 35,000 people in the audience, but I have to say – it didn’t feel like it. For some reason I didn’t feel like there was any excitement in the audience. Every now and again, someone would try to get the crowd going by chanting something, but it just didn’t work. I’m not sure why, but I would have expected there to be a lot more chanting, clapping and support in general for both the teams. Maybe I’m just too used to ice hockey games.

All Blacks6 All Blacks3 All Blacks7

It was quite cold. We were really worried it would start raining, which would have been terrible because our seats were uncovered. It did actually start drizzling after we had been there for about 10 minutes, but luckily it stopped pretty quickly and we were able to enjoy the rest of the game without rain.

It’s a lot harder trying to figure out what’s going on when you’re watching a game live. You can’t hear the referee’s whistle, and the angle you see things from is just so different. Plus, you don’t have the commentators letting you know what’s happening. Stan Walker performed during the halftime break. I actually quite like his new song. It’s called ‘You never know’. If you haven’t heard it yet, you should look it up.

All Blacks5 All Blacks2

Excuse my tired look on that photo, I was still slightly hungover from the night before. I had an energy drink just before the game though, which did help quite a bit!

It was still a really great experience, but if I really want to enjoy the actual game, I think it’s better to watch it at a pub or on TV at home. When you go to a live game, it’s more for the atmosphere and the feeling of being there where it’s happening.

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