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Lunchtime walk along Wellington Harbour

October 5, 2016

Spring is definitely here. I decided to go for a walk during my lunch break today and the waterfront was absolutely stunning. Blue water, blue skies, hardly any wind – perfect. I need to make a habit of getting out of the office at lunch time. I often just sit at my desk watching YouTube videos, or blogging.

There’s something special about the Wellington waterfront. You just feel so calm walking there. Maybe it’s just me, but I definitely find the place special. I will most definitely miss walks like that when I move to Sweden. In saying that, we’ve got some pretty amazing places to walk over there as well. It sucks that we arrive mid-winter and have to wait 6 months for summer. Oh well.

img_5653 img_5651 img_5647

My walk took about 45 minutes, and I was able to spend the remaining 15 minutes writing up this post. That’s definitely a better use of my time than just sitting on my butt.

No one has probably noticed, but I’ve had some real problems with my blog in the last week. It completely broke at one stage and I’ve had to contact WordPress and my host to get it sorted over and over again. Fingers crossed, everything should now be fixed, and I should be able to continue posting as normal. Might have to consider changing my host though.

What do you do during your lunch break?

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