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Dinner at a castle in Dunedin, New Zealand

October 23, 2016

Jeremy and I went on another one of our weekend trips last weekend. A while back, Jeremy spotted cheap flights to Dunedin, and seeing as I had never been before, we decided to book it in as our last domestic trip in New Zealand before we head over to Sweden.

Wellington was pretty miserable on Saturday, so it was great to get away and we were super lucky with the weather in Dunedin – sunshine and about 18 degrees. It sort of felt like early summer, even though we’re only halfway through spring.


The first activity of the day was supposed to be a walk down to Tunnel Beach. However, when we arrived, we saw a sign that said not to encourage thieves by leaving belongings in your car. After reading the sign, we saw broken glass on the ground and we immediately backed out.

Most people might not think much of it, but Jeremy and I have been in that exact situation before in Auckland. We put all our baggage in the boot, then went on a 1 hour walk, and when we came back, someone had smashed a window of the car and stolen all out stuff except for my wallet which they kindly left for some strange reason. So we really didn’t want to find ourselves in that situation again.

So we decided to head into town for lunch instead. We went to the Octagon and had lunch at a place called Alibi.


It was an alright place. We managed to get $10 off, because I noticed that if you texted your email address to a number to sign up to their ‘club’ you received a $10 voucher. Bargain.

From there, we went to the Dunedin train station. It’s a pretty cool looking building. It reminds me a lot of what you see in Europe. New Zealand is a really young country, which means that you don’t often find architecture like that.

img_0002 img_0001

Have I ever told you that Jeremy is the best fiancé in the world? Well, he really is. When I asked him what hotel we were staying at, he told me that he had booked a room at a castle, where we were going to stay the night, and also enjoy a three course dinner. I thought he was joking at first, because I knew we were going to go see the castle, but I didn’t think you could actually stay and have dinner there. Turns out he wasn’t joking at all.

We went to visit the castle during its opening hours. It was pretty cool. It’s not the kind of castle I’m used to. In Sweden you’re not allowed to enter the rooms. You sort of just get to peek in because everything is really fragile and old. But in this castle, you could actually walk in and sit in the chairs, or touch the furniture.

dsc09473 dsc09485

After our visit to the castle, we decided to got drop our things off and have a bit of a rest before dinner. We weren’t actually staying inside the castle, as cool as that would have been! We stayed at Camp Estate which is owned by the people who own the castle, and is only a few minutes drive away.

img_5931 dsc09543

But we did actually have dinner at the castle, which was a really cool experience. For some reason I felt really comfortable there. Maybe I was a princess in a previous life? Haha.

It was a really amazing first day in Dunedin.

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  • fadedrouge

    Lovely pictures!

    October 23, 2016 at 9:45 pm Reply
    • Sophie

      Thank you very much! 🙂

      October 24, 2016 at 2:47 pm Reply

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