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Messy house

Getting rid of a whole house full of stuff

November 23, 2016

This is about as difficult as it sounds. I was prepared that moving overseas wouldn’t be easy, and what I’ve realised now is that time flies by crazy fast. We leave for Sweden in 2 weeks pretty much and we’ve got so much stuff left to do.

The only positive thing about all the stress around selling what’s left in the house, is the fact that it helps take my mind off the earthquakes. But in saying that, it’s so messy that it’s driving me slightly insane.

Messy house2

We haven’t really had any significant aftershocks in Wellington since the big one about a week and a half ago, but I still walk around anxious and every little movement I feel makes my heart skip a beat. Most people are back to ‘business as usual’, while I try to calm my anxious brain. If only I was able to think the way others do.

We’re currently selling a bunch of smaller and bigger items on Trade Me, and luckily, the new tenants have bought our couches and the dining table and chairs. I’m so happy we won’t have to worry about getting rid of them.

However, there is still so much else that needs to go. It’s pretty much going to be a situation where we initially try to sell the items, then gift or donate, and the last resort is to take things to the dump. I’d prefer not to chuck things out, but the reality is that it might be the only option left if things haven’t gone by 4 December 2016. The new tenants move in on 5 December 2016.

By the way, the below picture shows the extent of my packing so far. I’ve literally packed a bottom layer of one of our six bags.


Kitty is the best person ever and has allowed us to stay with her for the last few nights we’re in Wellington. So great to be able to save the money we would otherwise have had to spend on some sort of hotel. And it’s also amazing to be able to spend more time with one of my best friends before we leave.

Although this whole experience is really stressful, I’m extremely excited to go home to see my family again. Can’t wait to finally celebrate Christmas in winter again! It might not snow, but at least it won’t be a BBQ on the beach.

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